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British Ships Registration - Part One.


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British Ships Registration - Part One should be marked as follows:

1/ The official number and registered tonnage:

    Should be marked on the main beam or, if there is no main beam, on a readily accessible visible permanent part of the structure of the vessel, generally inside. The numbers shall be either cut into the beam, centre punched or will be raised letters.

There may be an engraved metal, wood or plastic plate secured to the main beam or to a readily accessible visible part of the vessel.

The name and port of choice should be marked on a conspicuous and permanent part of the stern or transom on a dark background in white or yellow letters, or on a light background in black letters, the letters being not less than five centimetres high.

Experience tells us that not many part one registered pleasure vessels are this clearly marked so please have a look around the vessel and find the number. Favourite locations are on the main bulkhead in the saloon or in the chart area.

In the vessels paperwork you will find a certificate which is A4 in size and laminated. You may find the old blue book. Either of these documents will have the registration number and port of registry on them. They will also tell you which register the vessel is listed on. Please give us all of this information.

If you are struggling with this ask your broker, surveyor or ring us on 01454 269696.

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