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looking for a large sailing yacht or motor cruiser and cant find what you want? Well I am here to help. I will find your boat for you and when that boat has been selected I will then survey it to ensure that it is in good condition.    




I offer several services to suit your requirements:

I always start by discussing the type of vessel that you are looking for and the requirement of that vessel when in use. I give advice to help you make the right decision and guide you through the selection and purchase process.

Option one: We find the vessel for you! We have a large data base of brokers and yacht agents not only in the UK but also throughout the world and can find you a yacht or motor boat which is a good sound investment. We start by collating information on several boats of the type and style that you are looking for. I then visit them, eliminating the ones that are in poor condition, leaving only the ones worth looking at. I report back to you or you can join me. This works especially well with larger vessels where you, my client, are very busy.

Option two: We preview several boats and make recommendations prior to you spending valuable time and money trawling around the brokers sights: Several vessels are lined up and together we select the vessel that you would like to survey. I give advice and help you with the selection from the outset. This option requires you to have time to look at several boats that have been selected and visit several yards with me.

Option three: We locate the type of vessel that you are looking for, you visit them, selecting the one you would like surveyed and we then survey your selected choice. I help with advice and will guide you through the selection and purchase process.

You are my client and as such, I represent you not them. I do not take a commission from the brokers in any form. We simply charge you a fee for the entire process. The fee depends on your requirements.

Please ring 07710 175871 to discuss your requirements!  It cost's nothing to discuss it and you may be surprised at the result.

If purchasing from a private vendor, a legal contract must be signed. We can deal with this for you.

Other services that I offer are:

Full pre-purchase/insurance survey's, Damage inspections on behalf of Insurance underwriters and litigation during dispute.

Guardianage  We look after your vessel ensuring that it is clean, well maintained and kept to a standard that you can be proud of. We tailor this service to suit your requirements. We do as much or as little as you require.

Refit management - I manage the re-fit on your behalf, from small sailing yachts to large super yachts. This service is tailored to suit your requirements.

I am able to take tonnage measurements for owners wishing to register a vessel on Part one of the British Ships Register (BSR). 

We also investigate lost or missing vessels, on behalf of mortgage companies, banks, insurance underwriters or individuals.

We investigate the financial status of a vessel prior to you purchasing it. Many vessels in this country exchange hands whilst owing thousands of pounds to marine mortgage companies. You as the new owner are liable for the outstanding debt and as a consequence if you are unable to pay this debt the mortgage company are well within their rights to take the vessel from you and sell it in order to recover the debt. We investigate the vessel that you are purchasing, giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

We are able to check all vessels, registered or not, provided that they have an identifying number or past and present owner details. We need the vessel name and make, description etc.. 

The vessel doesn't have any paperwork, what do I do? We will help you with this! An increasing number of mortgages are being issued against part one registered vessels, but the mortgage not registered, necessitating a full investigation with all mortgage companies.

      You can phone us on 01454 269696 or 07710 175871 and we will help you.

 Terms & Conditions Apply


We recommend that all vessels are surveyed prior to purchase and that the purchaser satisfies themselves that all information supplied by the vendor is accurate.

We operate under the Data protection act 1998 and the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000. All information collected is for the purpose of the vessels investigation and no information is handed on to any third parties unless it is necessary during the course of an investigation. see terms of business.htm

Terms of business.

Where to find your British Ships Registration - Part One official number.

About Small Ships Part Three register.

Recreational Craft Directive.

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